Satellite Communication

Government agencies and public institutions are dependant on a strong, continous link to the internet. We offer a wide variety of broadband satellite communication solutions. Full coverage across the globe with a quality, stable and secure link will suit every need.

Remote Education

In our day and age, distance can’t be a barrier to knowledge. Satellite communication can help kids in even the most remote villages to gain access to education.

Promoting literacy, increasing college participation, enhancing job training programs, the opportunities that remote education creates are limitless.


When remoteness, lack of infrastructure or absent funding restrict access to care, Telemedicine can be a lifesaving solution.

A satellite link can provide populations with regular care, medical advice, basic health education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.


Anti-poaching rangers are often at a disadvantge when trying to protect huge swaths of land against organized teams of poachers.

A satellite link increases communication ranges, which in turn dramtically expands the areas that rangers and their equipment such as low cost drones can cover.